Sunday, February 3, 2008

Did You Know

...that I am an environmental nerd?
...that I married an environmental nerd?
...that we are proud of our nerdiness?
...that the City of Tempe NOW recycles plastics coded 1-7!? Amazing right?! Here's the list.
...that you should watch Who Killed the Electric Car?
...that you should watch or read Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth?
...that I feel inspired to breathe environmentalism down everyone's throats in a nice and calm fashion when what I really want to do is scream, "What's wrong with you people? Jesus made this planet! Take care of it jerks!"
...that Helena now drives a clunker and Bill takes the bus occasionally (I'm so proud!)?
...that I'm jealous that we don't have an orbit bus in our neighborhood?
...that I LOVE this planet? Awe!


  1. This frightens me... not because you are a nerd, but because this post could have easily come from my fingers, too. I just don't follow the code so closely. I loved both those movies and I wish I had a garden with homemade mulch. *sigh*

    It's awesome that Tempe recycles 1-7! I so want to move to Tempe. But I do have access to an Orbit, about a mile away! LOL

    Okay, I'm gonna go now... before my nerdiness is truly exposed. (I actually bought reusable Safeway bags.) G'night!

  2. WOOHOO! Plastics 1-7?!!! The nerdy giddiness in me is so delighted. Bill is not too pleased about the "clunker" crack :)

  3. I've taken our Orbit. It was nice. We'll be doing it often!

  4. Hi April. I caught this post cuz Rachel left it up after she had read it. I just read this article last night that I figured you guys would be interested in. It's a criticism of the compulsory recycling program in Sweden, sounds like they are still working some things out. Here's the link.