Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sauer Family

Ryan is the Worm Ride Gardener. He steals grass clippings from nearby apartment complexes and begs bags of leaves from family and friends while swiping throwaways from alleys to make his garden an oasis of junk where only the most beautiful organic produce is created.

April is a plain jane girl, yet she is a bit more refined than her partner. She values functionality and fruagality, but not above atractiveness. She encourages her husband's hobby but doubles over in laughter at his crazy antics while chasing after the kiddies. She is a crispy, crunchy granola mom and enjoys the simplicities of homebirthing, nursing and cloth diapering her little buggy boys.

Justin is a worm ride gardener in training. He specializes in grub findage and has a future in entmolygy and horticulture. Although he is quite young he can explain to any passerby the importance of good bugs in the garden and will point them out as he holds in his hand an old mayonaise jar filled with writhing grubs.

Tyler is a toddler gardner. He enjoys planting random seeds in random places as long as he gets to wear gloves, hold a shovel and spray the hose wherever he pleases.

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  1. I think you meant to write "cloth diapering" and not "clothing diapering." I know I sound like dad but still. You can tell me to shut up. I love your family introductions.