Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chiropractic Care

I have an amazing chiropractor named Dr. Kevin Ross. He knows so much about everything natural that he is always shooing me out the door because I ask him about everything from croup to breastfeeding. I found him while I was pregnant and Tyler was posterior. He does some amazing manipulations (called the Webster turning technique) to the hips and to the uterus to make sure that the baby can flip if he wants to. He also gave me a great laboring position to use if the baby stayed posterior to get him to flip before pushing. That worked by the way.

After I had Tyler I went in for an overhaul, an intense four weeks of 3 visits a week. I was loving it and feeling amazingly energized. I brought in Tyler to get adjusted too. Its fun to watch newborns be adjusted because you hang them by their feet and then ultimately hold them by one ankle. I noticed immediately how much better I felt and how much more energy I had. So I continued with weekly appointments.

I see Dr. Ross once a week and look forward to it all week and weekend long. I especially look forward to it if I've had some rough sleep or if the baby has had a bad fall and is crabby. I can always tell when I need to be adjusted now and can usually link a symptom to the area that I feel needs to be adjusted. I can usually tell when Tyler needs to be adjusted too. He will be whiny and grumpy and his nursing will falter. And Tyler loves Dr. Ross. He gets all excited to see him and giggles and giggles.

So, here's the thing. People think that chiropractors are quacks and that it is addictive. The only thing addictive about chiropractic care is that it works and it prevents you from getting sick so you stick with it. Think about it...the spine gets all messages to and from the brain. If your spine is out of whack and something goes wrong in your body your spine can not carry the proper message to the proper place that needs fixing. Its simple. So, if your spine is always, or mostly perfectly aligned than your body can communicate wholely and keep you healthy. Now that's not to say that you will never get sick. I am a good example as right now I am sick, but I know that the reason that I am ill is because I am stressed out and my immune system is low. I go on Mondays to get adjusted and try to think non stressful thoughts in order to clean up my bodily mess. Alright that's it. Hooray for Dr. Ross. You can find his office here if you are interested in visiting with him.

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  1. I attribute my getting pregnant with Joe (after years of trying!) to an eight week course of visits to a chiropractor.

    I completely agree with you on this! Everyone should see a chiropractor once in a while. Stress and gravity have an effect on our spines, which affects everything else!