Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Okay, I'm serious now!

We discovered that Ryan is getting a 5% cut in his salary, so I'm extra serious now about not buying any more prepackaged gluten free $7-an-item items. I already had several different gluten free flours but they were not easy to use and I was always worried about spilling them everywhere because I would clamp four different bags with one chip clip. I know, I'm brilliant. So, in an attempt to make gluten free cooking easy, and therefore more desirable, I took a trip to IKEA and bought pretty plastic containers with lids. Hooray. I poured bag of flour with a weird name, after bag of flour with a weird name and labeled each of my pretty new containers. This, makes me happy and, in fact, makes me want to bake. Organization is good for my soul, hopefully, it will be good for my budget too.

If you look closely, you will notice a storm trooper and Jengo-dupa-bo-bupa in the picture. My son insisted that his star wars lego creatures be in the picture. Apparently, they appreciate my gluten free baking too.


  1. I'm sorry about Ryan's pay cut. We know what that's like! But hooray for Ikea! You'll definitely be the master of all things non-gluten before the year is out!

  2. I did notice the logo men. I loved that they were in the pic!