Sunday, June 14, 2009

Natural Remedies: Adults

I've taught a class for church on several occasions on natural remedies. I use a mixture of nutrition, herbs, vitamins, homeopathy and aromatherapy.

Disclaimer: I do nothing in the medical field, my only credentials are my motherhood and my experience as a patient and doctor to myself.

Daily Supplements: Vit C, Flax seed oil

Headache: lavender oil in a diffuser, belladonna

Sore Throat: salt water or apple cider vinegar gargle, zinc lozenge

Common Cold: vit C, echinacea, grapefruit seed extract, tea tree and eucalyptus oil in the shower. I try to eat lots of fresh garlic and avoid dairy and citrus since both are mucus producing. I also like Boiron's coldcalm. If the mucus of particularly thick I use Fenuthyme.

Flu: Osscillococinum

Allergies: boiron histaminum hydrochloricum, nettle leaf, bio-allers animal dander for cat allergies, Benadryl for something hard core

Bowel and Kidney issues: licorice root helps to support the gastrointestinal tract, charcoal stops diarrhea in it's tracks

Women Specific

Menstruation: Hylands PMS tablets and Menstrual tablets dull the pain and keep me even keeled, Flax Seed oil in a higher dosage (1 3x/day) during PMS keeps me from having mood swings, Vit B helps with energy, exercise, clary sage oil in a carrier oil/lotion rubbed into abdomen

Pregnancy: Papaya tablets are great for indigestion and heartburn, to increase iron I use Floradix, liquid chlorophyll and alfalfa capsules. For an itchy rash caused by a bogged down liver i use a Liver support with Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root. Both clean out the liver and can be used through the pregnancy. In the last trimester I like Raspberry Leaf tea to strengthen my uterus.

Postpartum: Chakra 4 in Phoenix sells a Joyful Mother tea (for baby blues) I have heard great things about, but have yet to try. I have used their postpartum floral sitz bath mixture. It is so soothing and healing and smells like a great soup.

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  1. Love the list!
    Can I just add onto the allergy remedies? My husband is a terrible and lifelong sufferer and has been on every medication out there, including ones that have been pulled off the market. What works better than all of that?
    Allergena. It is a homeopathic dilution of specific allergens that works similar to allergy shots only less painful and less expensive!
    When nothing else worked, these drops worked like a charm--and we sometimes forgot my husband is an allergy sufferer at all!
    Here's the link: