Sunday, June 14, 2009

Extreme Frugality, Extremely Me

A friend of mine sent me this link to some blog posts by a guy named Hodding that was spotlighted on NPR. He reminds me of Ryan with his weirdness. The reads are short and good and inspiring and funny. Basically, he decided to finally live within his means. Since he was so in debt he had very little means after his have-to bills. His family of six lives on 550.00 a month. Here's the link.

All of these crazy ideas are just up my alley and extremely me. Anyhoo, it's given me some ideas. Our biggest expense is groceries. I have 450.00 budgeted but we always spend more. Always. AndthenRyanbailsmeoutattheendoftheyear. Hodding shops at a discount grocery store and it got me thinking, we have to have one around here somehwere. So I googled my way to three different stores. I like Robin's Nest Ministries in Tempe, but it is a small store. I'd like something bigger where I can stock up. This is what I found on google: Grocery Outlet, Discount Grocery Outlet, and American Discount Foods.

I went to American Discount Foods today. I was a bit diappointed. The prices weren't as fantastic as I was hoping for and the place was a bit ickish. I did find some good steals though that I will list below. It's somewhere I'd go to maybe once a quarter just to see what's available. I hope to hit the rest of the stores within the week. One is on Bell and 43rd Ave and the other is on 27th Ave and Northern, but I figure if I'm just going once a month or less, then the drive would be worth it. So far Grocery Outlet seems to be the best option based on their website and the pictures and FAQ I read. Take a look at the website if you are interested.

American Discount Food Price Frys Sale Price (guessed)
Tropicana orange juice 1.49 2.50
3.06 lbs of white rice 2.11 3.50
Jason face wash .99 8.00 at Whole Foods
lighter 2.99 6.99
4 lbs of potatoes .79 1.50
dozen eggs .89 1.29
dozen red potatoes .79 (.20/lb) 2.50
6 gala apples .53 .33/lb 1.49/lb
agave nectar 2.99 5.99
whole grain bread .79 and .99 4.99/loaf
Total 14.56 Total 38.75

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