Friday, April 17, 2009

Phoenix Home and Garden Reviews

Okay ladies and gents, we want your reviews. How big does my head look on the first page of the article? Huge and long, right? It's a funy angle, right? Right? Seriously, we want to know what you thought about the article, let us have it and let Phoenix Home and Garden have it too. Below is an email that was sent to me from our writer Cathy Cromell.

Hi April,
Such a photogenic family! Thanks again for the useful info you and Ryan shared with readers. I hope it inspires others to garden with their kids. If you receive feedback from family and friends, it would be great if they'd also send an email to the editors at PHG (or you can forward it). They pay attention to what readers like, and if folks find organic, back-to-basics gardening info useful, we will be able to run more of it. The email address is:
Take care,-- Cathy Cromell

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