Friday, March 13, 2009

Lembas Bread in your 72 Hour Kit

Don't you sometimes wish you could hijack some Lembas Bread from Rivendale and put it in your 72 hour kit? What?! You don't!? What's your problem?! Well, I do and I've found some at Sunflower. I've taken to putting Odwalla bars in my 72 hour kit. Since it's Stake Conference time, and I am a good doobie and just went through my 72 hour kit to update it, I have taken out my soon-to-be-expired bars and have eaten one. It is in fact, Lembas Bread. I'm sure I will not have to eat again until elevensies tomorrow.


  1. I cant stand Odwalla bars but Avrie LOVES them, good idea for 72 hour kit.
    For all of you who dont know what Lembras bread is, refer to the Lord of the Rings.

  2. Thank you Jenny for acknowledging my stupidity for me. Lord of the Rings, please! I'm not a fan of Odwalla either.

  3. I only like the peanut chocolate chip ones. But you can't think too hard about them... they too closely resemble regurgitated food pressed into a bar.