Friday, March 13, 2009

Food Storage

A few years ago I attended a RS event put on by a ward in our stake on food storage. Wendy DeWitt was the speaker and she was amazing. She set up her food storage on a worst case scenario. She purchased a solar over and began experimenting. Then she began her food storage and made it as simple as possible. She chose seven meals and multiplied each ingredient by 52, so that her family could eat each meal once each week for a whole year. Sounds easy, right? It is.

I got excited after that meeting and began my own food storage. I have yet to buy a solar oven but have been trying to get Ryan to make one for several years. I'm sure in the end we will just buy one, because my life works that way. Anyway, I tweeked her plan a bit and made it work for my family. I first tried to obtain a 1 month food storage so I planned 7 meals and multiplied everything by 4. After that I moved on to a 2nd month of food storage and chose 7 more recipes. I am currently working on my 3rd month of food storage, but I have posted here my recipes and spreadsheets from the aforementioned. Hopefully, they will help to give you an idea of what to do, or you can simply use it as a template for your own recipes and plans.

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This is Wendy's Blog.

This is the booklet she passed out EverythingUnderTheSun.

These are my personal food storage plans
1st month plans

1st month recipes

2nd month plans

2nd month recipes

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  1. Oh the blessings of having organized friends! I am just at a point where I am actually working on this information and was basically scribbling all over note book paper. You had e-mailed me this template a long time ago and I knew I'd never find it again. But here it is, wala! I can't wait to go fill in my own info. Thanks April!

    PS I am finally able to sit through a talk about preparedness without wanting to hide under a rock and cry. Yay me!