Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hooray, a Bidet

I finally broke down and bought my bidet. I am so excited I have to pee and then clean myself with my new bidet! Ha ha ha! It's come to my realization that when I say bidet people think of a massive toilet-esque bidet in my bathroom. Not at all. Please, people I am all about practical. A picture of my bidet can be seen here at Wildflower's website. It is a handheld sprayer that is attached to your toilet or nearby wall. It will be great for cleaning diapers, wetting bums, and personal hygiene during my ladies' days and postpartum days. The cool thing about it is that it will eliminate toilet paper use in our master bath. I hate buying toilet paper. It's so expensive and you just wipe your butt with it and then it goes on to ruin our water supply. Great investment. We will have cloth wipes and a bin for those obviously to wash on a regular basis. And since you will be rinsing yourself before wiping they shouldn't be too gruesome (since I know that's what you all are thinking). Hooray...a bidet!


  1. Jealousy oh sweet green goupy jealousy! When I come back to the West I am buying one too, you lucky dog for enjoying it now!

    So I've been thinking about your poll and I can't hit yay or nay because I totally believe that some things are more therapeutic when said only to the paper(i.e. yourself and Heavenly Father), but I also believe that some things are more therapeutic when shared with those who love and support you.

    SO, long story short - my vote is both. If it helps you to share it, I will read with gratitude (and most likely be helped in some way by it), and when it is time for real privacy I don't feel any the lesser if you have another blog/paper journal that is not public at all.

    P.S. So happy to be here, only wish I was closer.

  2. Thanks for clarifying! I was picturing the big toilet that Crocodile Dundee used when he was off his walkabout and in NYCity. This handy little sprayer is super cool, although I'm sure I could not convince Bill of that. (In fact, I'm in hysterics just thinking about telling him about it.) Anyway, "bum genious" is all the incentive I might need to purchase a product like this.

    I also agree with Rachel, although I did hit the 'yay' vote. I'm actually a little nervous that 7 of your friends voted that way... do we really want to know what is going on in April's head? I'm going to assume that you will keep that paper journal stuff to yourself and just hit us with the over-the-top-I-can't-believe-she-said-that stuff on your blog. (Not that I'm sure I'm ready for that either, but oh well.)

    Is your family sick AGAIN? Or still? We missed you all at church today. :(

  3. p.s. I also want to clarify that of course it is sometimes blurry in one's mind - what is best to share with God and what is best to share with friends. That is why you were so wise to limit your blog only to friends who love you while you wrestle with questions like this.

    Geez, sometimes talking is so much dang easier. What I mean is:

    Don't stress over it, write what feels helpful to share, and then trust us that we'll love you through it all.

    Hope that made better sense. I hope you're not sick either. :(