Saturday, February 7, 2009


I have found my new Posie Patch for diaper covers. The business is called Geny. She only makes covers, and they are really cute. She has great boy's prints. That, I like! It is so hard to find boy's prints for diapers and covers. I purchased two of her covers when she was on Etsy and I love them. They are side snap covers with pul on the inside and a printed cotton on the outside. They are pretty pricey. 18.00 a pop but I wait for stuff to go on clearance and buy cheaper and get free shipping. Here's the website .

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  1. I need some covers and those are darling! Just the thing to spruce up my plain old prefolds. I saw a prefold the other day (it was strung over a sign at the zoo as if someone had dropped and someone else had found it and left it out to be found) that had some snazzy fabric in the middle third. I'll have to look around for those.