Friday, November 14, 2008

Son of a Grub

My friend I had a conversation about grubs yesterday. You can read about it here. After I read about it I found myself feeling stupidly silly and replied to her with this bit of nonsense. She suggested I put it on my blog. It also references a fantastic book I just read called The $64 Tomato. This author is hilarious. The book is a compilation of his memories of gardening. In one particular anecdote he discusses how disgusted he was after spending weeks of his time trying to kill off the Japanese Beetles only to realize that they were creating grubs which were decimating his lawn . His response to this was a rightly placed son of a...! Like I said, he's hysterical. He reminds me of Ryan and his crazy gardening antics. If you garden or if your spouse gardens this book is worth a read. Anyway...

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