Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Greenhouse Abundance

A few years ago Ryan built a "greenhouse." I write "greenhouse" because to me it was a metal thing that made me and my home look like white trash. Many people agreed with me on this one, especially after Ryan added the tube socks to the corners so that the metal poles would stop cutting his hands. Anyway, the thing didn't work so well. Ryan had a hard time attaching the plastic sheeting and I spent my days hating the jimmy rigged white trash lookin' thing. It was not working.

Over Christmas break Ryan visited the Krause farm and was highly impressed and came up with some great ideas. He spent his vacation time creating a greenhouse (a real one), complete with an autocad printout of his plans. He purchased scrap wood at home depot which sells for cheap and began to build and build and build. He even built in a door with a handle. He loves this baby.

I helped here and there by holding up plastic sheeting so that he could enclose the garden for the cold weather. I helped again when the weather heated up by folding the plastic. But, I was the most helpful when it was time to collect and eat goodies from the garden. The boys were helpful in that area as well. We just like to go into the greenhouse and graze. Sometimes when I don't know what to eat, I will step into the greenhouse and just find something waiting for me. I brush it off on my pants and pop it in mouth. Good enough for me. Talk about organic and local!

It has been fabulous, I must say, even though I still don't understand why all of this gardening must take place in my front yard when we already have a designated space in the backyard. Oh wait I know why, because those piece of crap blackberries are shading everything back there and nothing can grow but weeds and nasturtiums. Ugh.

This year so far we have harvested lettuce, tomatoes of every shape and color, strawberries (for the first time they've actually produced), green onion, snap peas, shallots and bells. I love to harvest. I am a produce snob now. I'd rather go without a tomato then buy the crap from a grocery store. They're horribly mushy and gushy and taste like acid. No wonder why I hated tomatoes until I ate one from my own garden.

When our growing season is over I will return to Guadalupe Farmers Market I suppose. It seems every time I mention this place someone says, "Huh? What? Where's that?" Guadalupe Farmer's Market is a produce store with only a few shelf items. They have local and organic produce and some locally made tamales. Fan-freakin-tstic! It is located on the Southwest corner of Guadalupe and Priest. I highly recommend their produce, but I more highly recommend starying your own garden. Just don't do it in your front yard! Have some respect for yourself and leave the white trash look to us. We've got it covered!


  1. Don't knock all tomatoes...you're husband singlehandedly consumed 1/2-1 pounds of cherry tomatoes that I bought from Costco. OK, he had help from Justin as he said, "here Justin, have some candy." That was cute :)

  2. I read about the Guadalupe Farmer's Market in the Tempe Republic recently. I want to go there sometime.