Monday, November 26, 2007

Tree Hugger

So it is no surprise that I am a bit of a tree hugger. My family is pretty green, but we are trying to be greener. I know I whine about Ryan's absurd tree hugging at times when it's annoying but we truly have the same goals, I'm just a bit lazier than he is. Anyway, I've been doing some research to make my home a little more earth friendly. Some of my future green endeavors are: 1. compost bathroom tissues, qtips and cotton balls 2. purchase and use a bidet in the master bath 3. use corn plastic bags 4. use corn or cane paper goods for get togethers. 5. Bring cloth bags with me at all shopping ventures. 6. purchase a hybrid vehicle. 7. purchase a low water usage toilet 8. figure out a way to use our grey water

Here are some things that our family does that are good for the planet if you are looking for some ideas:

Installed and use solar panels

reusable air filter (you vacuum and rinse it off)

compost kitchen scraps, lawn trimmings

give birds our hair (I know it sounds dumb but it'd just be sitting in a landfill somewhere)

use cloth diapers

use g diapers (these are biodegradable. you can compost them or flush them)

breastfeed (no bottles, no warming, no waste, no packaging)

recycle everything we can (even on a walk we pick up bottles and cans, although I hate this)

use earth friendly cleaning supplies (store bought or homemade)

Ryan rides a bike


use cloth bags for produce and groceries

I hope this list gets you excited about being green!


  1. Couple of questions:

    Do you just throw your hair outside?

    Is play-doh biodegradable?

    Should i be saving all cans to take in for money?

    Are q-tips and cottonballs biodegradable w/ anything on them?

    What cleaning supplies do you use...I would be interested to change.

    hmm, toiletpaper would be you compost in a differet pile or same w/ food?

  2. Hey green gal, I long to be you. Be grateful that Ryan is better than you and supports the issue. I have family that doesn't recycle at all because it is too much work. YIKES! I have reupped (is that a word?!) my effort to compost since I have been juicing...I just look at all that yummy fruit pulp and have to put it back into the earth instead of the garbage

    Mo, money for cans is fine, it all gets recycled. You're just putting more effort into it and getting paid for it!

    I wonder about the hiar too...I picture Justin kneeling with his hands outstretched whistling for a bird to come and get it. :)

  3. Helena is right, we have a bird song we sing and then the birds come and clean my home and braid my hair! PAH! I either cut my boys hair directly onto the grass or I sweep it up and dump it on the grass. Really exciting I know. I would guess that play-doh (if it's store bought) is not biodegradeable but i have no idea. I don't get paid for cans I'm too lazy to do that. I'm not sure about the q/cotton question. Our q's just mostly have ear goop on them. I use seventh generation, Taader Joes all purpose cleaner and water with essential oils in it. We throw paper towels, tissues an toilet paper into our regular compost.
    Just know that it wook us a long time to get here. I am super lazy so I make it simple for myself by having several recycle only/compost only bins in my home. Good Luck!