Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Was it Like Heaven in your Mouth?

Have you ever seen Dan in Real Life? It's hysterical. There's a scene where he is eating dinner and he says, "This corn is heaven." I crack up laughing every time I see that scene. Well, I've found a similar Heaven, in the form of a brownie. A gluten free, dairy free brownie. I made them on Friday and ate the whole 8x8 pan nearly by myself in two days and that's only because my husband was home over the weekend and I couldn't blame it on play date mothers. I found this heaven-in-your-mouth brownie recipe on Gluten Free Girl. You can visit it here. Seriously, it is the best brownie I have ever eaten. EVER. And I have eaten a lot of brownies.

As I said, I ate the whole batch in two days and figured I did without them for two days (and that was some will power on my part), so I was ready for more. I went to Trader Joe's under the guise of "grocery shopping" to buy a 3.5 oz bar of dark baking chocolate-it's part of my Heaven too. I got home and got set up and realized that I hadn't printed out the recipe and my computer was farting that day. Boo hoo! I was devastated, so I called a good pregnant friend who I knew would take pity on me to look up the recipe for me and relay it over the phone. I promised her a slice the next day. Sure enough I made the brownies, downed about half the first day and saved a piece for her.

I gave it to her this morning. She called mid-day to announce that she needed the recipe (as she was at Sunflower buying "groceries" (some baking chocolate for brownies). I asked her, "Was it like Heaven in your mouth?" She laughed at me and quickly got on with the conversation - she's pregnant and NEEDS these brownies! I get it! And, so should you - get the baking chocolate and get to bakin' unless of course you think Heaven is stupid. It's your soul. Whatever.

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  1. They are baking as I type...

    What did you use instead of the butter that the recipe called for, shortening? I stuck with the butter because butter is heaven to me. Mmmmm....