Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grocery Outlet

Our family drove to Zimbabwe (43rd Ave and Bell Rd) to get a good deal on groceries this week. We strapped our young family in the car and drove for 30+ minutes in fierce traffic to buy some cheap cereal. I am very happy to say this trip, unlike the American Discount Foods trip, was much more lucrative. We got to the brightly colored store and immediately found their toiletries section. Hallelujah! For those crazies out there like me that pay 5.00 for a bottle of hand soap because it is made with natural ingredients and biodegradable this is your Mecca. I stocked up on Nature's Gate hand soap, shampoo and conditioner at 2.99 a piece. These babies go for 5-9.00 each at Whole Foods or Sunflower. So, even if I go here just twice a year to stock up on toiletries it's worth the trip.

The grocery section wasn't as fabulous, but I still found some good deals. I purchased some minced garlic and ginger for 1.00 which usually goes for 3-5.00. Yahoo! These babies have a three month fridge life once opened. We bought a case of rice milk for 1.29 a piece, Cascadian Farm granola cereal for 1.49 which usually goes for 3.49-5.49. We bought some soy ice cream and regular ice cream; a pint for 1.50. Awesome. We bought some other staples but the prices weren't stellar. They were basically bottom sales prices at an average grocery store. The produce was not my friend. I'd rather pull from my own garden thank you very much.

I still have one more shop to visit, but in a nutshell here's my advice: Shop the ads and get the best deals at local grocery stores and visit Grocery Outlet to stock up on natural toiletries.

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  1. So totally going to check this one out!
    Wish I had my own garden; can't seem to find a community one around town either--I guess I'll have to keep buying produce at the farmer's markets instead.
    Thanks for the tip!