Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Skin

Why is it that for years I've used chemical ridden product after chemical ridden product with not one single problem? Literally smearing it all over my skin without any breakouts whatsoever. But now, now that I am completey kosher, my skin is like, "Ahhhh! help?!" Perhaps my skin is reacting to these natural products in such an adverse way because my body is still full of toxins. And toxins, much like misery, love company. Maybe, just an idea. Alright back to my peeling eyes. Sigh.


  1. I think you still have to change natural products so your skin gets a variety. I tried the same thing twice in a row and had the big dipper break out on my face. I switched to a different natural product and seem to be doing better. You know, just the same 2 spots or so each month.

  2. I am also a broken out teenager (although I didn't have problems in high school, go figure) and right now NO ONE would like to "Kiss My Face".

  3. I know! More like, "Ahhh, what's happening to your peeling eyelids on your face." But I suppose that tagline wouldn't sell many products would it?

    Mo, can you get me Janice's email? I invited her to my blog without adding her email..duh!