Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Knight and a Lady

A Knight and a Lady went riding one day,
Out in to the forest, away, away.
“Dear Knight,” said the Lady, “I pray have a care.”
“The forest is evil. Beware! Beware!”
A fiery red dragon appeared on the path
The Lady cried sorely, “Alas! Alas!”
The knight slew the dragon,
The lady was scared
They rode off together. Hooray, hooray!

My versions of fiery dragons.


  1. Fabulousa! And much more "fiery-er" than my girly dragons.

  2. Hey, do you have any books you would suggest for three year olds? I have two friends who have asked me what I suggest and I want more ideas than the short list I have. Did you read, "Your three year old" or something of the sort?