Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do Choices Make Us Stupid?

I've been surveying different Frys lately in an attempt to side step my three grocery store visits a week to get one item here and another here or here. It's irritating. Apparently, if you shop at a Frys that is not ghetto, but is in the ghetto, then you actually can get a really good selection of food. Well Bravo!

Anyhoo-da-lilly, I was at Frys in the ghetto (not to be confused with ghetto Frys or ghetto Frys that used to be Smiths that used to be Smitty's (Oh my! I have lived here too long!)) and I was purchasing some items that I needed to make dinner that night. On my list was Monterey Jack cheese for my scrumptious green chile chicken enchiladas. I made my way down the refrigerated dairy aisle and began to glance at the cheese. I eyed each hanging row of cheesy goodness like a word search trying to peep out my monty jack. It was not there. I could not find it and I started to panic. Oh my gosh, how am I going to make dinner? I don't want to stop at ghetto Frys. I'd have to go home and then back out with the kids and it's 1000 degrees of nasty outside. What the frick am I gonna' do?! I gathered my wits about me and looked one last time but knew that my cheese-y-word-search-like skills had not failed me. And.then.I.saw.more.cheese. What? More cheese? How can this be? Cheese comes in cute little packages of a rectangular shape and you can actually shape, cut or grate the cheese in any which way you choose. No! Way! I remember cheese like this from the olden days when my mother slaved over her handheld grater and picked it up with her bare hands to place it on a casserole. Those were the days.

Cheese-y story short, I am so stupid. Did I actually forget that not all cheese is pre-shredded and fancy? Have I somehow gotten myself in a cheese-only-comes-in-a-bag mind meld? Or, could it be that all of the choices that we have today are making us stupid? Because...I think, uh, we are, stupid I mean. Uh-duh!


  1. Choices make us stupid. So do cell phones, mapquest, and caller ID. Which is the "Frys that is not ghetto, but is in the ghetto?" Is that the one by my new Target on 24th St and Baseline? It's nice, I even went in that one.

  2. So you found a good old fashioned block of cheese? Glad you could make dinner!

  3. Yep, that's the one, but I hate to break it to ya', it's been there for about 2 years (maybe less). I 'spose it can still be new to you. Don't you love exploring new areas? Especially when Target is involved?