Friday, May 9, 2008

Rooster Runs and Leaf Leaves

LeAnn's family lives in a rural area, well, it used to be more rural. Anyway, a few years ago Darrin was telling us that he had gone on a rooster run that morning. We all looked confused at him and he began to explain. Roosters are mean. They peck and spit at you and are generally grumpus, so when you have one as a baby you keep it while it's cute and then you get rid of it. First, you choose as neighbor that you don't like, or would like to bother. Second you enlist a get away driver. Lastly, you drive by the back fence, throw the rooster overboard, and speed away in your getaway truck...this is a rooster run. Hilarious I think.

Last week, we had someone pull a Leaf Leave on us while we weren't watching. Ryan came running inside to inform me that someone had left two large bags of leaves for our compost pile. Apparently we are so geek-greened out that we are getting compost drive-by's. But, whatever, the more the merrier I guess. What's next people will leave bidets and rain barrels on our doorstep? That would be nice. Then we could scratch those two to-do's off our list.

I blockbustered Living with Ed from HGTV. It's six episodes of Ed Begley's life as an environmentalist with his wife, who does not want to be all of the time. If anyone wants to see a day in the life at the Sauer Home watch this show. I have never laughed so hard at a television show. It hit so close to home. Some of my favorite quotes so far:

"I'm making toast." grins Ed as he rides his bike to supply energy to his toaster to heat it up.

"I can never leave this man alone. Each time I come home there's a new contraption in my house."

"There's always some new monstrosity in my backyard."

"I'm all for the environment but why does everything have to be so ugly!"

"I'm surprised you haven't used a magic marker to put the numbers back on the knob." Rachelle
"That's a great idea, I'm gonna' get a marker." replies Ed.

Ed's wife Rachelle is hilarious. They fight over each new green idea Ed has. It totally reminds me of Ryan and his first attempt at a TPT greenhouse, or his many jimmy rigged contraptions that are hideous but he is so proud of. Plus, he has some good ideas we'd like to implement.

He reminds me so much of Ryan. Ed Begley was composting while in an apartment. He would save his scraps, walk to the RR tracks, dig a hole and dump them in. Doesn't this remind you of Ryan's shed full of recyclables that the City of Tempe didn't recycle at the time? Now, that's dedication, a bit crazy, but dedication none the less. He has a new book out now I'd like to get, but I'm cheap...we'll see.

Our next goal is to obtain a bidet for our master bath. We need a small diaper pail and liner and wash cloths. I think I can find all of these supplies at a cloth diaper store. We will simply use the bidet to wash, use wash cloths to dry and place in our pail to wash later. Voila! We will have the cleanest bums on the block and will not be polluting the environment with rolls and rolls of tp. Plus we won't have to buy nearly as much tp too - very cost effective, I think. I'm excited. And to irritate Helena, it will also be great for my ladies days, or post birth to keep the area clean and fresh!


  1. I had to go back and re-read the last paragraph. I hadn't seen Master bath the first time. I started to worry I'd need to bring my own TP when visiting.

  2. Leaf-leave. I am laughing so hard! Which reminds me, we are overrun with roosters again (and chicks!)