Monday, April 14, 2008

The Best Reason to Buy Green

We buy green cleaning products. I'm paranoid about my kids licking the floor (it happens a lot), so I use vinegar or just water. I don't want to leave soap on my counters so I use essential oils, but it took me the longest time to get green bathroom cleaners. Several months ago I found a green toilet cleaner that I liked. No biggie, it just works. Come to find out, I'm really glad that I use non-toxic toilet cleaners. Apparently, when I am not looking Tyler lifts the lid, gently swishes the water around with his hand and then sucks the water off his fingers. Nice. Hooray for a non-toxic toilet cleaner. Now if that is not the best reason to buy green, then I don't know what is.

And while I'm on the subject...I've discovered green cleaning right under my nose at Target. Target carries a brand called Method. I knew they had hand soap but didn't realize that they had cleaning products. Turns out they have a washable floor mop (similar to a swiffer), a floor cleaner, and get this, my favorite, compostable cleaning wipes. I love these! they have more products but these were really the only ones I was really excited about.

I beat my record of 65.00 saved in one grocery shopping trip. This past week Fry's was having a rockin' sale and I used coupons, plus my cloth bags credit... I saved 74.73. I am truly a domestic goddess!

I failed to mention this tidbit, Ryan and I ran out of our green dishwasher detergent. We had some gel cascade that someone had given us. "Help! My eyes are burning!" I screamed to Ryan the first night we used it. My eyes got teary and were red from this toxic fumey cleaner. You really don't realize how gentle the green cleaners are until you go back and try a toxic filled one . Holy smokes what a difference it makes. And to top it off, the cleaner sucks. It has left this thick film on all of our dishes. We have to rinse them off and scrub them before using them. I should just pitch it and use my own non-eye burring cleaner that I bought from Sunflower during my sad Sunflower trip. Geez!

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  1. I LOVE my all-purpose kitchen cleaner that actually cleans the grimy, greasy stove without making my eyes water. I'll have to check out the compostable wipes...that was one item I wasn't willing to give up yet.